We recognise that security is an important consideration for all managers of apartment blocks. The safety of their residents, their property, and the building are their key priorities. And ours.

At Yorkshire Block Maintenance we work closely with trusted partners to review and implement security protocols and install appropriate equipment, on site and within the grounds of apartment blocks.

These can range from energy saving external lighting, for the continual reassurance of residents, to door entry systems and full estate CCTV systems, external and internal.

Some of our clients require live monitoring of systems, and in some circumstances, look to us to help provide manned security, perhaps on a temporary basis. For example, when a local event means that there is an influx of pedestrian traffic near their premises, and a heightened risk of opportunistic trespass and theft.

To discuss your requirements for security in more detail, please contact us.

Fire Safety

Fire safety ranks high on the priorities of owners and managing agents of apartment blocks. Legally and morally, the burden of compliance has never been higher.

Yorkshire Block Maintenance work with expert partners to review and maintain your fire safety protocols and equipment, ensuring a safe environment for your tenants and your buildings.

Our fire safety partners are fully qualified in all aspects of building and fire safety, they conduct thorough assessments to understand all foreseeable risks.

The compliance requirement for fire inspections continues to rise, and our partners are able to provide clear advice and action plans to ensure that your apartment block remains safely within the parameters of all fire safety legislation and building codes.

To discuss your requirements for fire safety in more detail, please contact us.

Pest control

In a densely populated urban environment, pests are an ongoing issue. From nesting wasps to rodents, there is a range of issues caused by pests.

We are on hand to protect your tenants and property against the risks and disturbance caused by pests.

Our role is to recognise this and carry out appropriate, safe, and compliant pest control. We do this on a proactive basis to provide the best possible defence against the influx of pests.

If, as a property manager, you have an outbreak of pests, and are in need of pest control, we have a fast-track reactive team of partners who are on site quickly.

Their expertise means that they can quickly understand the scope of the pest problem and implement speedy action to stem the spread of any issues.

To discuss your requirements for pest control in more detail, please contact us.

Waste removal

In a high occupancy zone such as an apartment block, waste removal is an important consideration, for reasons of health and safety, environmental health, and the aesthetics of your building.

All team members at Yorkshire Block Maintenance are registered to legally carry and transport waste, this is particularly useful for getting rid of the green waste created from our grounds work, and household items that have been left behind during end-of-tenancy cleaning.

Yorkshire Block Maintenance can supply fully approved waste management containers through our trusted partners which help your residents to dispose of their waste in accordance with recycling requirements.

From time to time, you may have additional waste management requirements, for example when contractors are working on site. We can support you with appropriate waste management and ensure that inconvenience, fuss, and mess for your residents is removed by arranging the prompt and clean removal of contractor waste.

To discuss your requirements for waste removal in more detail, please contact us.

Energy management

As the owner or manager of an apartment block you will know that one of your biggest overheads is energy.

For economic and environmental reasons, it’s imperative that’s you manage your use of energy responsibly.

At Yorkshire Block Maintenance, we help apartment owners to appraise their energy requirements and costs. We are partnered with high quality energy brokers across the region , whose role is to help manage and optimise your energy bills.

We can also help by installing energy saving equipment and devices including LED lighting, automated light switching systems and heat management controls to best manage your energy usage.

To discuss your requirements for energy management in more detail, please contact us.

Electrical repairs and servicing

Electricity systems are a core part of the infrastructure in communal areas. We help to make sure that all the electrical systems in our clients’ apartments are safe and compliant.

We deal mostly with the safety of the electrical fittings in communal areas and, based on the tenancy arrangements in your apartments, we can also provide Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) at apartment level.

Our services are both scheduled and reactive. We can manage routine electrical safety inspections and updates as they arise, as well as responding quickly to reports of damage, breakages, and risk points.

From the incoming supply of electricity to your apartment block, to the safety of corridor light switches, we can help you take care of all aspects of electrical safety in your apartment block.

We are partners with established electrical engineers across Leeds, which means that we readily call on their services, and always have highly qualified, compliant electricians available to support the electrical systems in your apartment block.

Each of the electricians in our appointed team is accredited so every one of our clients can be confident that all electrical repairs are carried out safely, and to a high standard.

Accreditations include NICEIC Approved Contractor; Part P Electrical Safety Registered Installer; NICEIC Domestic Installer; CHAS.

To discuss your requirements for electrical repairs and servicing in more detail, please contact us.