Gutter cleaning

Gutters are often an unseen and disregarded element of apartment blocks. However, they play a vital role in ensuring that rainwater is taken from the roofs of apartments to their surface water drains.

When left unattended it is easy for grit and silt to build up in gutters. This forms a natural growth area for weeds and organic matter. These in turn cause the gutters to be blocked and overflow, often into the roof space, causing damage to loft timbers and the ceiling boards of residents.

Blocked or damaged guttering and downspouts can also lead to overflowing water, which causes material damage to the external walls of apartment blocks.  In addition to being unsightly for tenants, walls which are persistently exposed to water can remain damp, causing water ingress to the building, as well as the potential for permanent -and expensive – damage to the surface of the exterior wall.

At MainteCity Services we manage gutter inspections and cleaning on a regular basis to ensure that potential issues are identified and resolved, improving satisfaction for residents and tenants, and saving money for landlords.

To discuss your requirements for gutter cleaning in more detail, please contact us.